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npp-logoIn November of 2013, Ashton Wolf and his wife, Sandy Thorne, made it their mission to develop a theatre company with the intent to create more theatrical opportuinites for the residents in their home town of Fishers, IN, where they had been living with their family for several years.


A chance meeting with Jocelyn Vare, President of the Fishers Arts Council, led to Ashton being elected to the Board of Directors. Shortly thereafter, a meeting with Bob McCutcheon (Fishers Parks and Recreation and former production manager for John Cougar Mellencamp) was arranged by community activist Dan Domsic, a proposal was written and met with the approval of Fishers Parks and Recreation Director, Tony Elliot, and at that point NICKEL PLATE PLAYERS was born.


Ashton Wolf was appointed Executive Director of the NICKEL PLATE PLAYERS and Sandy Thorne became a co-producer and an integral part in the operations of the newly formed theatre company.


From there, Ashton decided to mount a "first-ever" theatrical production at the Nickel Plate District Amphitheatre and on July 19, 2014, the musical BEEHIVE was presented and set a record for the amphitheater, drawing a standing ovation and making history for the Town of Fishers.


Seven Community Sponors were acquired for the endeavor and brought on board for this and future productions. TOWN OF FISHERS PARKS AND RECREATION, NICKEL PLATE ARTS, FISHERS ARTS COUNCIL, FISHERS MUSIC WORKS, THE HISTORIC AMBASSADOR HOUSE, JI-EUN LEE MUSIC ACADEMY and PROPELLER MARKETING teamed up in a collaborative effort to serve the theatrical community and the people of Fishers.

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